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Developing Unique Real Estate Investment Opportunities


Sometimes the best opportunities in Commercial Real Estate are found where the Investor can create and add value. Finding and quantifying the opportunity are only the first steps in the process. We understand the importance of planning and managing the construction and occupancy of a project to achieve maximum value.
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Land Assemblage can be a daunting project; we know first hand that in depth pre-planning is essential to success. Success will depend on minimizing opposition and managing price expectations with the existing landowners.
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The costs associated with Commercial Real Estate (CRE) often make up the second largest single expenditure for companies. CRE decisions determine much more than just location; they impact operational efficiency, corporate image, access to labor, capital structure, and future expansion cost. Managing CRE effectively can dramatically increase profitability, and should ...
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The decision to sell an investment in commercial real estate can be based on a number of considerations. Many times the investor has exhausted their ability to add value, exhausted the tax benefits, or needs to rebalance their real estate portfolio. No matter the reason, much of the return on ...
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Many Cities, Counties and States are using targeted Incentives to encourage specific investments in their jurisdictions. Navigating the maze of legislation can be confusion and a distraction to a project. We have experience with existing programs as well as experience in crafting project specific legislation to meet the needs of ...
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Real Estate Investment can be a profitable venture with the right strategy. At Simpson Commercial we know that the key to long-term success is finding the right tenants, leasing to them at the prevailing market rates, and keeping them as long as these conditions exist. Assisting Landlords to achieve these ...
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