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Buyer/Tenant Services

The costs associated with Commercial Real Estate (CRE) often make up the second largest single expenditure for companies. CRE decisions determine much more than just location; they impact operational efficiency, corporate image, access to labor, capital structure, and future expansion cost. Managing CRE effectively can dramatically increase profitability, and should be an integral part of long term planning. Choosing the right consultant to gather the relevant data and provide sound analysis is the key to success. Specific Services Include:

  • Define Present and Future Operational Requirements
  • Corporate Capital Structure Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Market and Price/Rent Analysis
  • Property Survey and Tours
  • City, County & State Incentives Negotiation
  • Financial Comparison
  • Lease/Purchase Negotiation and Execution
  • Coordination of Legal, Space Planning, & Construction
  • Lease Renewal Negotiation